GC² Alpha Groups

Our mission at J-Life Africa is to “Mobilise Disciplemaking Movements”. Up to now we have been using the standard seminar training model, accompanied by coaching. This method has had limited effectiveness in that it was an “addition” model of training. In recent months God has led us to a “multiplication” model for training. It is by no means unique. In fact it is rooted in the model Christ employed while on this earth.

What does GC² stand for?

GC² (GC Squared) stands for Great Commission and Great Commandment.

What is the Purpose?

To mobilise leaders across Africa who are passionate about living out GC² both privately and in their ministry.

How will the purpose be realised?

The mobilisation of leaders will take place through the propagation of GC² Alpha groups.

What is a GC² Alpha group?

A GC² Alpha group is a small group of key leaders who are trained, coached and released to multiply themselves into others. Each group is made up of 12 leaders (first generation) who have each recruited 8 – 12 others (second generation) that they will train. Each of the second generation need to have recruited 2 others (third generation) to whom they will pass on the training.

What do I need to do to become part of a GC² Alpha group?

Contact your country leader or email our office for more information. For a complete explanation of the training model download the full document or diagram.

What does the training cost?

Contact your country leader for details (look under “Where We Are” or “Contact Us”).